Film review: Supernova

Halfway through this beautiful and pure film, you realise living can be scarier than dying.

Film Review: Antoinette in the Cevénnes

Robert Louis Stevenson’s adventure story inspires a film with plenty of heart, guts and belief

Film review: The Father

With actors at the very top of their game, The Father is a complicated yet compelling watch

Film review: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

A bold piece of art in spite of – maybe even because of – its own flaws. 

Film review: Godzilla vs Kong

The blockbuster monster showdown that didn’t have to be this clumsy, and certainly not this dumb.

Film review: Judas and the Black Messiah

A genre-bending biopic that truly captures the charisma of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton

Film review: Nomadland

A country that has never come to terms with its own class struggle still believes in the enchantment of human perseverance.

Film review: Minari

Filmmaker Lee Isaac Chung delivers a rare film with infectious respect for every single character

Film review: Another Round

For a film with such a simple premise, Another Round is delightfully complex.

Film review: The Nest

Domestic life shot like a horror film; yet The Nest doesn’t quite deliver the expected ravaging emotional impact