‘The scourge of inappropriate behaviour in our profession’

Sexual harassment and bullying are rife within the legal community, but a new report, outlining steps for transforming the way lawyers work, is cause for…

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‘This is not a barbeque’: a short history of neckties in the workplace

The question of what counts as professional dress for Australia’s politicians loomed large again this week.

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Paws for thought: the pet-friendly office

For you and your pooch a pet-friendly workplace may seem a no-brainer.

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Film review: Juniper (with ticket giveaway)

An experienced performance by Charlotte Rampling carries this uncomplicated New Zealand drama about growing up and growing old.

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Film review: The Forgiven

Ralph Fiennes and Jessica Chastain star in this bleak noir Morocco-set drama about rich white privilege in third-world countries. Despite sharp writing and intense performances,…

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