Salary transparency and quotas: will they solve law’s gender inequality woes?

As the profession strives for equity and equality, two ideas provoking debate are pay transparency and quotas for leadership positions. Could these lead towards more…

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Admitting the difference: New lawyers set to shape NSW

The legal profession is more diverse than it has ever been. Our newest lawyers are chasing goals so big they could change the way we…

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Getting to the heart of the matter

Symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety affect us all from time to time. But this lawyer found a solution he’s keen to share with others.

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How often should I work out?

Two days, five days, HIIT, upper body or leg day? We clear up the confusion around creating the perfect weekly workout schedule.

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Alarm over AstraZeneca. What are the health risks for you?

A rare blood clotting disorder linked to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine has thrown a spanner in the slow-moving wheel of Australia’s rollout. We break down…

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