Keeping up with the Kriminal Code

Kim Kardashian West lets LSJ in on the reasons behind her decision to study law.

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A new dawn for big banking

William Chalk and Dale Picketfence examine a new breed of post-Hayne Royal Commission (non)-service offerings.

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Legal horoscopes: March

The best way to approach these horoscopes is as if they were a partner at your law firm – do exactly as they say.

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CPD season: it’s the most mad scramble time of the year

At this time of year, all lawyers should be conscious of getting their CPD points before the statutory deadline. Of course, some CPD sessions are…

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Seeking applicants with a very particular set of skills

Looking for a new job in the legal industry?

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The Bachelor(s): the LLB edition

It’s not always rosy for law students.

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Nailing the exit interview

William Chalk and Dale Picketfence deliver a training session on just what to say when you decide to ripcord out of your firm.

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A legal proposal: for the abolishment of judges, magistrates, barristers and solicitors for the benefit of society and the Commonwealth of Australia*

There are plenty of reasons to scrap Australia’s legal system, writes Coffs Harbour solicitor Jonathan Lowe.

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The law grad’s tale: making servitude fun

A Golden Gavel style reflection on a brush with modern slavery.

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The parliamentarian’s guide to better performance reviews

Golden Gavel competitor Kim Fisher from FCB Workplace Law shares some advice she learned from one of Australia’s most high-performing workplaces: parliament.

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