Avid for scandal: the sporting edition

We all know the infamous legal woes of Novak Djokovic but what about our other favourite athletes?

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Once upon a time(ly legal review of problematic children’s stories)

Children’s stories tell us fantastical tales of misadventure and mystery. However, rarely do they teach us about the legal remedies available to characters. In fact,…

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UNCLOS Review of The Little Mermaid

The International Tribunal for Law of the Sea has reported several characters in The Little Mermaid are in breach of their obligations under the United…

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Five movies that wouldn’t exist with a stronger ICAC

With all this talk of a federal Independent Commission Against Corruption, it’s worth noting how great ICACs with extensive powers would have saved billions of…

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Tips on how to stop being THAT person

Reconciliation Week 2021 has come and gone, and WOW! What a week! We actually solved racism this time. People of all races are running around…

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The Legal Personality Quiz

If you love taking BuzzFeed quizzes about which celebrity, pizza or Hogwarts house you are, then this piece is for you. If you don’t, what…

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Career advice for fictional lawyers

The pandemic has hit everyone hard, including fiction’s most infamous lawyers. Harvey Specter, Mike Ross, Elle Woods, Saul Goodman, Alicia Florrick, Lionel Hutz, and Atticus…

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Oprah’s guide to commanding the courtroom

The one and only Oprah has had an illustrious television career garnering interviews with the world’s most glamourous people. Her most recent exclusive with Meghan…

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Creative ways to get out of jury duty

Lawyers are repeatedly asked the same two questions: why are you a lawyer and how do I get out of jury duty? We have the…

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