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If you love taking BuzzFeed quizzes about which celebrity, pizza or Hogwarts house you are, then this piece is for you. If you don’t, what is wrong with you? This month, we have put together a quiz to help you determine your legal personality. Are you a sovereign nation, a natural person, a corporation, or the crown? Take the quiz to find out and put those rumours to rest.

Where’s your favourite spot?

  1. I guess the spot I’m in right now
  2. A huge villa in Europe, darling!
  3. Right below the tax-free threshold
  4. Balmoral, obviously

What do you look for in a relationship?

  1. Any person, suis juris
  2. Clear boundaries
  3. Good company; literally, a good company
  4. Loyalty

What’s your hobby outside of work hours?

  1. Watching MAFs re-runs
  2. Randomly nationalising industries of choice
  3. Nothing … to limit liability
  4. As I said, Balmoral

How many friends do you have?

  1. Like 900 on Facebook
  2. 206 but 15 are disputed
  3. At least three directors
  4. 2.4 billion citizens of the Commonwealth

What is your biggest fear?

  1. Death
  2. Secession
  3. Insolvency
  4. Oprah

What does the word duty mean to you?

  1. Doody, lol
  2. Taxing the poor
  3. Fiduciary
  4. Everything

What is your love language?

  1. Texts
  2. Bilateral investment treaties
  3. Board meeting minutes
  4. The Queen’s English

What are you like at a wedding?

  1. Drunk and yelling inappropriate comments on the dance floor
  2. Really taxing (seriously I tax anyone who gets married)
  3. Piercing the (corporate) veil
  4. Live in front of half a billion people

If you answered mostly (a): You are A NATURAL PERSON

Congratulations, you are a regular human being. You make mistakes, have an immature sense of humour and spend too much time on your phone. Sure, you can bring a legal action, but you can’t take any other action without first watching MAFS. Stop deleting the Instagram app off your phone just to go on it via Safari. 

If you answered mostly (b): You are A SOVEREIGN NATION

Congratulations, you are a political entity with a centralised government and sovereignty over a geographic area. You care a lot about your own personal space and who is in it. Deep down, you believe you are better than everyone else and try to control the people around you via tax, legislation, and sports.

If you answered mostly (c): You are A CORPORATION

Congratulations, you are a legal entity. You’re like a person but without a face and with limited liability. Sometimes you have a parent company, sometimes you don’t. Does that mean you have daddy issues? Who knows? At the end of the day, you’ll do anything to
get ahead. 

If you answered mostly (d): You are THE CROWN

Congratulations, you are a TV show! Just kidding, you are the legal embodiment of the executive, legislative and judicial governance of the Commonwealth. Basically, you’re a big deal. You never complain and you never explain. You are subtle to the point that people think you are dead (inside).