Nailing the exit interview

William Chalk and Dale Picketfence deliver a training session on just what to say when you decide to ripcord out of your firm.

A legal proposal: for the abolishment of judges, magistrates, barristers and solicitors for the benefit of society and the Commonwealth of Australia*

There are plenty of reasons to scrap Australia’s legal system, writes Coffs Harbour solicitor Jonathan Lowe.

The law grad’s tale: making servitude fun

A Golden Gavel style reflection on a brush with modern slavery.

The parliamentarian’s guide to better performance reviews

Golden Gavel competitor Kim Fisher from FCB Workplace Law shares some advice she learned from one of Australia’s most high-performing workplaces: parliament.

Golden Gavel 2018: breakfast and a show

The third-year lawyer from the NSW Department of Industry took the crown – or gavel, as is the traditional prize – in this year’s instalment…

Next in line to the thrown

Life for graduate lawyers isn’t exactly grand.

The one in a wig

Dr Seuss inspired suggestions for lawyers who want to manage their mental health.

You can lead a horse to water: a letter

Sometimes, common sense should not be left to chance, or a ‘Sign Here’ sticker.

A retired judge’s day on a plate

It’s the new year and you want to get in shape. So, naturally, you want to see a retired judge’s day on a plate?

Golden Gavel 2016: survival of the funniest

Allens lawyer Gabrielle Morriss has taken out this year’s NSW Young Lawyers Golden Gavel competition with a hilarious take on why uniformity isn’t all it’s…