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This month, everyone is excited for the Emmy Awards. Due to COVID-19, the event will look a little different this year, with no red carpet or slew of fancy gowns. But don’t worry, it will feel mostly the same because reporters promise to continue asking women, “What are you wearing?” In the spirit of problematic comments, we provide legal advice to characters from Emmy-nominated TV shows.

Killing Eve

Villanelle is advised to stop murdering everyone and telling Eve about it. Not only does that prove actus reus and mens rea, but it makes Eve a joint accessory to the crime. It appears likely that the British secret services are also liable for negligence – as they continue to contract two absolutely mad women in their ranks. 

Handmaid’s Tale

The handmaids should seek urgent judicial review over decisions made under an enactment by the Gilead Government. Grounds of review include Wednesbury unreasonableness, improper purpose, and Aunt Lydia’s failure to adhere to mandatory considerations such as basic human rights.

Stranger Things

The children in this show are advised to seek legal representation due to their criminal destruction of property and likely charges of extended joint criminal enterprise. Fortunately, Eleven’s psychic powers are inadmissible exculpatory evidence unless substantiated beyond hearsay.

The Crown 

The Crown enjoys sovereign immunity which means any dodgy acts made by the Queen or her precious Prince Philip are immune to civil suit or criminal prosecution. Princess Margaret will be pleased to learn this doctrine also extends to her antics.

The Masked Singer

In order to protect their anonymity masked singers may request closed court proceedings but may not substitute the relevant Justice with D-grade celebrity judges. How this show is even nominated is another legal issue.


While it may not be possible to pierce the corporate veil, this family pierces every other boundary. Logan Roy’s actions are in breach of his fiduciary duties, most notably when he urinated on the floor of Kendall’s office. 

The Good Place 

Michael may face charges of misleading and deceptive conduct for leading Eleanor and others to believe they are in the “Good Place” when they are, in fact, (spoiler alert) in the “Bad Place”. Please note LSJ cannot be held liable for spoiling plot points to a show that came out in 2016.

Normal People

Marianne is advised to take out an AVO against her brother. Also, pursuant to reports that inanimate objects can now bring defamation suits, Connell’s chain is considering bringing an action as it feels objectified. 

Tiger King

Joe Exotic is seeking a presidential pardon to get out of his 22-year sentence for conspiracy to commit murder. Donald Trump has said he “will look into it” which is concerningly more action than he has taken regarding the coronavirus. 

Saturday Night Live

Several actors on SNL are in danger of being sued for fraud due to impersonating public figures and receiving money for it. Most notably, Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Donald Trump and Larry David’s impersonation of Bernie Sanders are just too accurate to be legal.