The law grad’s tale: making servitude fun

A Golden Gavel style reflection on a brush with modern slavery.

By - 4 min read

The parliamentarian’s guide to better performance reviews

Golden Gavel competitor Kim Fisher from FCB Workplace Law shares some advice she learned from one of Australia’s most high-performing workplaces: parliament.

By - 3 min read

Next in line to the thrown

Life for graduate lawyers isn’t exactly grand.

By - 2 min read

The one in a wig

Dr Seuss inspired suggestions for lawyers who want to manage their mental health.

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You can lead a horse to water: a letter

Sometimes, common sense should not be left to chance, or a ‘Sign Here’ sticker.

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A retired judge’s day on a plate

It’s the new year and you want to get in shape. So, naturally, you want to see a retired judge’s day on a plate?

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