Carving joy

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Surfing for a purpose

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All about the bass

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A perfectly executed trial

Senior Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi AM QC explains why his latest book sheds light on a hero all lawyers should know about.

Comfort through commitment

Saranpaal Calais works hard to promote his religion’s values among young Sikhs. How does he balance his law commitments with community service?

Take control before holiday season

Three techniques – neural nourishment from the senses, being present with loved ones, and understanding yourself – can help you recharge and redirect your life.

All that glitters is not gold

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Communication can be the key to flexible work

Planning and communication are keys to successful flex working arrangements.

A lyrical lawyer

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Lawyers – time to switch off

The notion of a digital detox isn’t new. However, for lawyers, the need to switch off is greater than ever before.