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Instead of trying to separate work and personal time, here's has a radical solution: don’t try.

We live in a world of data overload and non-stop connection. Our phones buzz, beep and vibrate late into the night; we are always just a minute away from the next work call or email. Consequently, the concept of work/life balance has gone the way of the paperless office.

Trying to force a separation only compounds the problem. Unless you actively integrate work and personal time, your happiness and general wellbeing may dwindle.

So how do you work out a viable plan for successful work-life integration, particularly when you feel like you’re constantly running uphill in quicksand?

Start by considering some fundamental factors:

  • Despite the integration of our professional and personal lives, the need to switch off, reframe, gather your thoughts and re-energise is – and will always be – essential.
  • There are only 24 hours in the day to sleep, eat well and move your body.

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