Have a costs query? The Law Society’s Professional Support Unit is here to help

The Law Society Professional Support Unit answers some common costs queries in this practical Q&A. By MADELEINE PORTER

Chorley abolished! High Court has final say

The High Court in Bell Lawyers v Pentelow held the Chorley exception is not part of the common law in Australia.

High Court: October 2019

Reporting and analysis of the latest key judgments from the High Court of Australia. By ANDREW YUILE.

Federal Court: June 2019

Reporting and analysis of the most notable decisions in the Federal Court. By DAN STAR QC.

The top 5 trends of future legal practice

The Law Society’s Future of Law and Innovation in the Profession (FLIP) conference saw more than 400 lawyers attend to hear local and international experts…

Taking security for legal costs: lessons from Malouf v Constantinou

The taking of security for costs should be approached carefully, if at all, with attention to the equitable, legal and statutory duties. By MICHELLE CASTLE…

A practical guide to lump sum costs orders

Practitioners involved in litigation should be familiar with when lump sum costs orders are available and understand the evidence required to get them. By MICHELLE…

Wills and estates: May 2018

Reporting and analysis of the latest judgments and news in wills & estates and elder law. By DARRYL BROWNE.

To sue or not to sue? That is the question

Taking proceedings about a contract for services is not necessarily the most efficient means of recovering payment owing to a legal practitioner. By MICHELLE CASTLE…

Legal costs: grappling with complexities in the Legal Profession Uniform Law

The Legal Profession Uniform Law introduced the concept of a ‘commercial or government client’ and time limits for applying for costs assessment. By MICHELLE CASTLE,…