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Key decisions

  • Victorian Building Authority v Andriotis [2019] HCA 22
  • Palmer v Australian Electoral Commission [2019] HCA 24
  • Northern Territory v Sangare [2019] HCA 25
  • Comcare v Banerji [2019] HCA 23


Mutual recognition principle – exceptions

Victorian Building Authority v Andriotis [2019] HCA 22 (7 August 2019) concerned whether the appellant had a discretion to refuse to register the respondent and whether Victorian character requirements fell within an exception to the mutual recognition principle. The respondent registered as a waterproofer in NSW. In his NSW application he falsely stated his work experience. He later sought registration in Victoria under the Mutual Recognition Act 1992 (Cth) (‘MRA’). That Act allows for a person registered in one state, after notifying a second state registration authority, to be registered in the second state for the equivalent occupation.

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