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Key decisions

  • D17-18\120 [2018] SCTA 21
  • Gregory Joseph Mills as trustee v Julie Elizabeth Mills [2018] NSWSC 363
  • Duggan v White [2018] NSWSC 364
  • Estate of Janice Gruer; Application of Gail Elizabeth Rands [2018] NSWSC 40
  • D17-18\121 [2018] SCTA 24
  • Estate Grundy; La Valette v Chambers-Grundy [2018] NSWSC 104
  • Oxley v Oxley [2018] NSWSC 91
  • Rocco Condello v Sung Soo Kim [2018] NSWSC 394
  • R v P [2001] NSWCA 473
  • Sadleir v Kahler [2018] QSC 67

New court forms

The Registrar in Probate, Louise Brown, has advised that the Supreme Court Rules Committee has approved two new court forms which will interest wills and estate practitioners:

Form 150: ‘Notice of Motion for passing accounts’. This form was created with the assistance of our colleague, John Poole, to streamline the accounts process by ensuring that accounts are filed in the proper form and that all documents required by the Court are attached in the first instance. This will assist practitioners and will reduce the need for a registrar to raise the usual requisition for filing of documents which are necessary to prove the accounts.

Form 151: ‘Affidavit Confirming Service of Notice of Proceedings’. The intention of this form is to put in place a practice to ensure that in contested proceedings all adversely affected persons are served personally with a notice of proceedings. This form should be used in all contested probate proceedings.

The forms have been published on the UCPR Forms website.

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