A race against time: urgent preservation of estate assets and special grants of administration

What to do when time is not on your side and a delay in administering the estate might jeopardise its value.

Dangers for solicitors acting on intra-family transactions

As awareness grows of the prevalence of elder abuse in the community, solicitors need to be alert to the potential issues with intra-family transactions.

‘Til debt do us part: Managing insolvent estates and bankrupt beneficiaries

The complexities of administration of insolvent estates and estates with bankrupt beneficiaries.  

Severing a joint tenancy by will-making

When a joint tenant makes a will, in order to convey property on death, they may wish to sever the joint tenancy.

Handing down the family farm without NSW duties

Handing down the family farm without NSW duties – a guide to the new Revenue NSW Ruling.

Informal wills: an informal response to these things

A learned but informal opinion on informal wills and s 8 of the Succession Act

Where there’s a will (there’s a legal dispute)

If high-profile estate cases can teach us anything, it’s that where there’s a will, there is often a day in court. 

Solicitors as executors: responsibilities and rewards

Solicitors should  be mindful of the complications which can arise if a will maker appointments you as their executor.  By JOHN CLARKE.

The many guises of informal wills

Recent decisions show that an informal will may be found in almost any format and made in almost any manner.  By DARRYL BROWNE.

Wills and estates: October 2018

Reporting and analysisof the latest judgments and news in wills & estates and elder law. By DARRYL BROWNE.