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  • The Law Society’s Professional Support Unit receives many and varied inquiries from solicitors grappling with costs issues in their practice. 
  • This article presents two hypothetical Q&As, each inspired by some of the more interesting or pertinent queries we have recently received.
  • If you have a unique costs dilemma of your own, as a member of the Law Society, you are welcome to call the assistance line on (02) 9926 0116 or email
    [email protected]

Q  I have an appointment with a mother who wants to engage my services for her wayward adult son. Her son has been charged with aggravated assault and battery, and currently resides in Silverwater. She wants me to defend the charges laid against her son and has stated that I can ‘send the bills to her’. Will this be OK? How should I organise the costs arrangements?

A First of all, you need to identify your client. In this case, it is the son, not the mother. Ask yourself, ‘in whose interests do I act?’ as well as ‘on whose instructions do I act?’

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