The cost of not communicating

A solicitor’s responsibility has always been to provide clear and timely advice to assist the client in understanding the legal issues so as to make…

Personal costs orders against solicitors

Each year a number of costs orders are sought against legal practitioners personally. By PETER MORAN.

The Chorley exception: three strikes and out?

Solicitors acting for themselves in litigation can recover costs under the rule of practice known as the Chorley exception. By JIM JOHNSTON, MICHELLE CASTLE and…

Consequences of inaccurate costs estimates and negligently performed work

In 2018 there were a number of important cases which illuminated issues in relation to legal costs. By MICHELLE CASTLE and ANDREW BAILEY.

Costs disclosure and the Uniform Law: has your client really understood you?

The Legal Profession Uniform Law 2014 introduces new obligations of disclosure. By PETER ROSIER.

The latest developments in Law Society advocacy & law reform: February 2016

The Law Society’s Policy and Practice team brings you a wrap-up of the most important issues of the moment.

Costs assessments: unravelling the mysteries of certificate judgments

A certificate of determination and a judgment which arises on its filing are distinct. By MICHELLE CASTLE and ANDREW BAILEY.

Better practice in the Family Provision List

Earlier this year, Justice Hallen delivered a tutorial to practitioners on practice in the Family Provision List, entitled Current Issues from the Perspective of the…

Costs assessments: recent cases in the Court of Appeal

Separate certificates of determination should be issued by a costs assessor in respect of each costs order but failure to raise the issue may be…

The Legal Profession Uniform Law: new costs provisions ahead

This article is the third in a series of articles for the LSJ on the various aspects of the new Legal Profession Uniform Law (LPUL) that will soon regulate…