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Key developments

  • Listing of civil claims hearings at the Downing Centre Local Court
  • Review of laws relating to beneficiaries of trusts
  • Terrorism Legislation Amendment (Police Powers and Parole)  Act 2017
  • KPMG independent review of the surety bond scheme
  • Draft Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017
  • Inquiry into organ trafficking and transplant tourism
  • Draft Aboriginal Languages Bill 2017
  • Retirement Villages Regulation 2017
  • Contract for the sale and purchase of land 2017 edition
  • Joint Costs Advisory Committee
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • CTP reform
  • First Review of the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme and Dust Diseases Scheme

Listing of civil claims hearings at the Downing Centre Local Court

The Litigation Law and Practice Committee prepared a letter to the Chief Magistrate of the Local Court expressing concerns with the proposal to list all civil claims for a one day hearing only, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The submission suggested that consideration be given to modifying the current process for allocating hearing dates to ensure all relevant factors are taken into account when hearing dates are allocated. The Law Society suggested that the hearing date for these matters be allocated at the time of the Review when most, if not all, of the evidence has been obtained and served, and it is possible for the Court to make a reasonable assessment of the time needed for the hearing.

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