Mascot Towers: A termination order is not in order

Recent Supreme Court decision in the Mascot Towers saga examines the factors a Court will consider before ordering the termination of a strata scheme.

Flawed floors: Analysing the cracks in industrial leases

A recent decision raised issues relevant to the construction and drafting of key clauses in industrial leases.

The sword and the shield: Dealing with harsh, unconscionable and oppressive by-laws

When dealing with by-laws, there is a distinction between a by-law that is a reasonable restriction and one that is harsh, unconscionable and oppressive.

2022 edition: Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land

The new edition is now in effect. Revised statutory notices are mandatory from 1 March 2023 and practitioners should move to the new edition now.

Reforms to the NSW community title law

Major changes to the development and management of community title schemes commenced 1 December 2021

Collaborative housing: the new kid on the block

Collaborative housing models and why they’re on the radar for property lawyers

What will the abolition of physical CTs mean for Certificates held as security?

Are you still holding paper CTs as security? With e-conveyancing taking over, it may be time to change tack.

The end of the road for paper CTs in NSW

The Office of the Registrar General delivers the official word on the end of CTs as we know them.

Harsh, unconscionable, oppressive: Angus has the last bark on strata by-law

NSW Court of Appeal overturns blanket prohibition on keeping pets in strata buildings.

NSW Government sets residential developers in its sights

Get up to speed on the next instalment of NSW building reforms, set to commence on 1 September.