Film review: The Batman

A neo-noir retelling of the DC superhero works well as a detective story, even if the execution sometimes misses the mark.

Film review: Cyrano

A thunderous performance from Peter Dinklage and a collection of beautiful songs from the band The National, make Cyrano is an improbable musical worthy of…

Film review: C’mon C’mon

With a handful of great performances, and a beautiful concept, this rare piece of tender humanity has more to say about us than expected.

Film review: Drive My Car

During the three hours of this film, not a single minute is wasted on anything that isn’t important or moving. The result is heartbreaking.

Film review: Belfast

Belfast’s strength as a film is in reclaiming a damaged place back for those who left and those who stayed.

Screentime: February

A round up of the best that February has to offer at the cinema.

February film giveaway

LSJ has five double passes to Drive My Car, in cinemas from 10 February.

Film review: Nightmare Alley

The film doesn’t rush to its spiralling finale, letting us appreciate Stan’s progression from stoic to charming, to ticking bomb of excess and vice.

Film review: House of Gucci

Credit where it’s due: House of Gucci knows precisely the kind of film it wants to be

Film review: Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza is a remnant of a past that doesn’t exist anymore.