7 tips for a better CV

Regardless of where you are in your career, an effective and up-to-date CV should be a key part of your professional portfolio.

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3 career tips to ignore

Here are a few frequently mentioned pieces of career advice you might want to reconsider.

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Follow the rules

As lawyers, we are not only expected to know the law, but to follow it too. This includes the employment law and applicable minimums specified…

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3 ways to deal with someone who takes credit for your ideas

What’s the best way to react when someone steals one of your ideas?

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How (and why) to fire a difficult client

No business likes to turn down a paying customer. But for law firms, firing bad clients isn’t just important, it’s essential.

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Why go in-house?

In-house practices come in many shapes and sizes and the different structures are likely to suit people with different temperaments and priorities.

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How to thrive in an open plan office

Six ways to make open spaces work for you.

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Working from home? 9 tips to boost productivity

Working from home can be productive … until distractions and loved ones or neighbours get in the way. Follow these tips to maximise your home…

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The best way to ask for a pay rise

Here are some strategies to tackle one of the trickiest work meetings around.

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Is your job soul-crushingly boring? Three tips to make it better

Busy lawyers still get bored. Maintain your motivation with this list.

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