The best way to achieve your goals

Are you trying to develop a lasting health or other habit? Self-monitoring is an essential  tactic.

By - 2 min read

How to stop being a perfectionist

Being perfect sounds good but the pressure can affect your physical and mental health along with your work performance.

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Why you should say ‘no’ to your clients

Sometimes pushing back is in the client’s best interest.

By - 2 min read

The new ways of working

Lawyers of the future will be office-less nomads who can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

By - 6 min read

5 key requirements for partnership

Tips for building your case for progression.

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Can you push your brain too far?

How to manage your body clock when working across international time zones.

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How lawyers can fuel their brain

4 ways to master the power of pause.

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Feeling blue? A new reason to act

Why managing depression can help you beat dementia.

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Negotiating your contract

Here are some tips for negotiating a better job offer.

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Are you really a 10?

We can’t all be superior, all the time. The bell curve is alive and well in the workplace.

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