Why inspiration is critical for today’s leaders

Being an inspiring leader isn’t about being a guru on a mountain, dispensing platitudes. It’s about finding your own passion, and then breathing it out…

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New podcast to investigate taboo topics in the legal profession

LSJ is launching a new podcast to shine light on dark issues that remain somewhat taboo topics of discussion among lawyers.

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Why mistakes make us

Most lawyers eagerly recount their success, yet few willingly discuss their failures. There is power in making mistakes.

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Back to our roots

Spending time among trees can offer humans access to the company of other living things like nothing else can.

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5 unproductive thoughts about work you need to stop

As highly-strung people with Type A personalities, lawyers excel at overthinking and overanalysing situations, especially when it comes to work. It’s not healthy and, frankly,…

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Why humility is a skill worth developing

Being self-assured, bold, and forthright are common attributes of successful lawyers.  However, understatement is a key way to get results.

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Can you say no to a promotion?

Can you decline a new role and still be committed to your career?

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5 simple ways to enhance your willpower

Decision-making in everyday life can be overwhelming.

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Why you need a relationship reboot

If you have put your relationship on hold, or are neglecting it entirely, it’s time to change – for your health’s sake.

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Take control before holiday season

Three techniques – neural nourishment from the senses, being present with loved ones, and understanding yourself – can help you recharge and redirect your life.

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