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Studies show that many who have been victims of bullying end up as perpetrators. RACHEL SETTI provides some advice for those who suspect they might be crossing the line.

We live in fortunate times where wellbeing is more openly discussed than ever before – and the legal profession has turned its attention to bullying as a serious issue.  However, information about the perpetrators of bullying is scant and requires a closer look if we are to effectively tackle the issue.  

Interestingly, some data points to psychological similarities between bullies and victims – the most significant being underlying low self-esteem.  Furthermore, a study out of the University of Bergen in Norway found a significant predictor of whether someone will bully others is that they have been bullied themselves – a case of victim-turned-perpetrator.  Also, depression and suicidal ideation is more common amongst individuals who have experienced both sides of the victim-perpetrator coin.

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