From bullied to bully

Studies show that many who have been victims of bullying end up as perpetrators. RACHEL SETTI provides some advice for those who suspect they might…

The hidden workplace hazard

What’s next after #MeToo for lawyers? Experts say bullying could be the most dangerous workplace hazard.

Largest-ever study reveals disturbing rates of bullying and harassment in law

A global survey by the International Bar Association has revealed shocking rates of bullying and sexual harassment among lawyers.

‘Worrying’ levels of bullying in the profession

Almost half of all lawyers have been bullied at work and one in four have been sexually harassed, according to initial results from a survey…

Global survey to expose bullying and sexual harassment in law

One in two female lawyers have been bullied at work and up to one in three have been sexually harassed.

Workplace bullying: are Stop Bullying Orders really the answer?

Where stop bullying orders operate to outlaw any interaction, it is difficult to see how that working relationship can ever be “normal”. By AMBER SHARP.