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Morning tea might sound like a quaint relic from a bygone era, but it could be just what’s needed to maintain professional standards, especially in long-hours work cultures, writes THEA O’CONNOR.

Have you had a morning tea break recently? When I ask this in my workplace wellbeing seminars, the audience typically responds as if I’m cracking a joke. Time poor, overstretched workers may even feel offended at the suggestion.

That’s precisely why I encourage you to shift from thinking, “I’m so busy I can’t take a break” to “I’m so busy I can’t afford not to take a break.”

The science of high performance has long established that work-to-rest ratios are critical to performance. Athletes know this well. Their schedule centres around adequate recovery during training, between events, and over a career. Skimp on the “rest” part of the equation and illness and fatigue are sure to prevent you from achieving your best. 

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