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As we find ourselves in March (yikes!), here are some tips on how to get back on track if your motivation is waning.

If you’re like 80 per cent of the population, there is a good chance you’ve already given up on the intentions you enthusiastically set yourself at the beginning of the year. All but a mere 20 per cent of people usually abandon their resolve by February.

It is difficult to keep yourself motivated for any goal, and so easy to fall back into bad habits or counterproductive behaviours once the New Year cheer has given way to the daily grind. So what can you do to avoid the numerous obstacles standing in the way of your goals?

Obstacle 1: Your goal is too vague.

If you cannot describe it, you cannot achieve it. Being healthy, fit and successful is not a goal.


Whether it’s creating a new daily habit, setting a physical goal such as fitness, or a financial one such as retirement, make sure it is measurable. Be very specific in what you want to achieve. Put numbers in: ‘I work out in the gym three times a week’ or ‘I add an extra $xxx per month to my superannuation to have $xxx when I retire at (age).’

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