From bullied to bully

Studies show that many who have been victims of bullying end up as perpetrators. RACHEL SETTI provides some advice for those who suspect they might…

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Command the room with body language

If you don’t believe in the messenger, you won’t believe the message. Here are seven public speaking tools that can help lawyers project confidence in…

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How to find your ‘flow state’

Achieving a state of creative flow focuses your mind, sharpens your intellect and helps you realise peak performance.

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Fertile ground for moral anxiety

Lawyers are especially at risk of facing ethical dilemmas or situations at odds with their moral compass.

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Why work-rest ratios matter in the office

Morning tea might sound like a quaint relic from a bygone era, but it could be just what’s needed to maintain professional standards, especially in…

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5 ways to reignite your motivational spark

As we find ourselves in March (yikes!), ANGELA HEISE shares some tips on how to get back on track if your motivation is waning.

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Why inspiration is critical for today’s leaders

Being an inspiring leader isn’t about being a guru on a mountain, dispensing platitudes. It’s about finding your own passion, and then breathing it out…

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New podcast to investigate taboo topics in the legal profession

LSJ is launching a new podcast to shine light on dark issues that remain somewhat taboo topics of discussion among lawyers.

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Why mistakes make us

Most lawyers eagerly recount their success, yet few willingly discuss their failures. There is power in making mistakes.

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Back to our roots

Spending time among trees can offer humans access to the company of other living things like nothing else can.

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