Why inspiration is critical for today’s leaders

Being an inspiring leader isn’t about being a guru on a mountain, dispensing platitudes. It’s about finding your own passion, and then breathing it out…

New podcast to investigate taboo topics in the legal profession

LSJ is launching a new podcast to shine light on dark issues that remain somewhat taboo topics of discussion among lawyers.

Why mistakes make us

Most lawyers eagerly recount their success, yet few willingly discuss their failures. There is power in making mistakes.

Back to our roots

Spending time among trees can offer humans access to the company of other living things like nothing else can.

5 unproductive thoughts about work you need to stop

As highly-strung people with Type A personalities, lawyers excel at overthinking and overanalysing situations, especially when it comes to work. It’s not healthy and, frankly,…

Why humility is a skill worth developing

Being self-assured, bold, and forthright are common attributes of successful lawyers.  However, understatement is a key way to get results.

Can you say no to a promotion?

Can you decline a new role and still be committed to your career?

5 simple ways to enhance your willpower

Decision-making in everyday life can be overwhelming.

The one skill good lawyers need

Want to build a busy law practice by doing nothing? Listen up.

Lawyers – time to switch off

The notion of a digital detox isn’t new. However, for lawyers, the need to switch off is greater than ever before.