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While the trappings of success can be thrilling, fulfilment will only emerge if values are at the core of your motivation.

The dictionary defines success as having achieved a goal or a vision, which is generally synonymous with social status, fame, and wealth. The top level of success is interchangeable with opulence and extravagance: sprawling mansions, prestigious cars, designer wardrobes, luxury jewellery, five-star travel, and exclusive club memberships.

This is the kind of success the average person sees whenever they scroll through social media posts, watch TV portraits or flip through magazines. The lifestyle of the rich and famous is laid out openly to be admired. At the same time, this openness is scrutinised. Between the celebration of someone’s success, the media also showcases unhappiness, drama and tragedy. The conclusion (and comfort) many people derive from this: maybe I don’t have to feel so bad about my own life. Maybe it’s not that great to be successful after all.

There is another aspect to success, namely the impact you make and how your success benefits you and/or others. Whatever it may be for you, as Simon (Sinek) says: Start with the Why.

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