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Grief will come to us all at some point, so how do we cope when it strikes?

No-one can escape loss. It’s an unavoidable part of life that goes way beyond death. There are many different kinds of loss: job, marriage, home, status, health – in short, any change in familiar relationships or circumstances. In current times, it includes the loss of freedom to move around, work and life routines, and social connections.

Sudden and predictable loss is hard to deal with. Managing unexpected loss is even harder and can really shake up your sense of security and confidence in life. It’s therefore tempting to numb yourself and simply solider on. However, handling the grief that accompanies any kind of of loss is an important part of the adjustment process, one that we often ignore as we adapt to new conditions.

Grief is strongest when what was lost is not replaced with something else. When you retire, for example. Or when your physical health doesn’t allow you pursue a hobby anymore. Or when you are suddenly stuck in one place with no perspective of that changing.

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