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When it comes to our behaviour, it’s time to critically examine and realign some of our beliefs.

We started out the year with a promise: 2020 was going to be the time of perfect vision. We were going to create a brand-new future. How does the old saying go? Be careful what you wish for? 

Nobody could have anticipated what the desire to see clearly would bring into focus. The coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter moment have exposed more than just our need for connection on one hand and our deep-seated separation on the other. We are becoming aware of what we believe and how these beliefs affect the world.

According to philosophical thought, we live in a dualistic universe where opposites define each other: light versus dark, right versus wrong, yin versus yang. If something is not one thing, it must be the other, creating what we call ‘reality’ and shaping our perception, which goes way beyond what we process through the five senses. Perception is determined by beliefs and values; standards by which we make our choices and live our lives.

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