Feeling blue? A new reason to act

Why managing depression can help you beat dementia.

By - 3 min read

HIIT your stress away

High-intensity exercise can strengthen mind and body.

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The value of volunteering

Giving your time to other people or causes can help make the world a better place – it could also improve your life.

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Make lunch work for you

The science is in. Moving lunch to the top of your priority list could be your most productive action for the year. A healthy midday…

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Stay fit on holidays

Beat the holiday bulge and maintain your fitness with these tips.

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Why you should prioritise rest this holiday season

Rest and recovery equals resilience. It’s a simple equation that many lawyers miscalculate throughout the working year.

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Time for action

Lawyers open up about wellness and ways to diminish the stigma around mental illness.

By - 5 min read

Does cholesterol still matter?

Evidence is mounting that this essential fat is something still worth keeping top-of-mind.

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