Take a digital diet

Cutting back on the digital onslaught might help ease your mind, as well as free up time.

The hardest letter I have ever written

Requesting leave to address mental health issues was one of the toughest things Magistrate David Heilpern has ever done.

Is your client sane?

A quick guide to assessing an expert’s assessment of mental health.

Learn to appreciate your emotional tapestry

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Get into the swim of things

Swimming is a low-impact, high-reward activity that can make you smarter and happier.

Coercive treatment options for anorexia under the Mental Health and Guardianship Acts

Eating disorders have significant health and personal impacts on those living with the illness. Sometimes coercive treatment is necessary to help a person recover. By…

Helping heal sins of the past

JOHN ELLIS and his solicitor wife, NICOLA ELLIS, have represented more than 850 survivors of abuse, including pending cases. They deal with survivors every day…

How to stop being a perfectionist

Being perfect sounds good but the pressure can affect your physical and mental health along with your work performance.

Supreme Court on section 32 mental health treatment plans

Successful section 32 applications need a comprehensive treatment plan. By MARK WARREN.

Take time to recalibrate

Learning to take a few minutes to reset your emotional state can help you keep calm at work and at home.