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Dear Fiona,
Our firm always has a morning tea to mark R U OK? Day in September but with so much anxiety and depression in the legal profession, I wonder how best to help colleagues throughout the year. What’s the best way to start a conversation if you are concerned about someone at work?
Thanks, Miranda

Dear Miranda,

Your question is a good one – how best to deal with it if you get an inkling that someone at work might be struggling? As Australia ramps up business activity again after the summer holidays, it’s easy to forget the relaxed, calm vibe you might have managed to cultivate over the holidays.

Before you know it, you’re probably doing 10-12 hour days again, taking on all the usual stresses and strains of a busy professional life.  Client demands, family commitments, trying to maintain health and a social life, learning and development; there are so many competing demands and expectations.

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