‘LSD saved my marriage’

Harvard Law graduate and former US Public Defender Ayelet Waldman may be the last person you would expect to be using acid.

What’s the best exercise for mental health?

A study of 1.2 million people has revealed the number one exercise for improving mental health.

Better days ahead

Lawyers are more likely to have anxiety, depression and other mental health issues than the general population.

A day in the life of… Jon Davies

Jon Davies likes to call himself Chief Energy Officer in an organisation of young people working to promote positive conversations about mental health with young…

New podcast to investigate taboo topics in the legal profession

LSJ is launching a new podcast to shine light on dark issues that remain somewhat taboo topics of discussion among lawyers.

One too many

When you think of an “alcoholic”, you probably don’t picture a lawyer in an expensive suit fronting up to court. Yet studies have shown lawyers…

Back to our roots

Spending time among trees can offer humans access to the company of other living things like nothing else can.

Finding freedom beyond the bottle

Many lawyers will relate to Talitha Cummins’ story. The former Channel Seven newsreader graced Australian screens for 16 years, but behind the shiny façade she…

Jepsons step down

After more than 10 years at the helm, Marie and George Jepson are stepping down from involvement in the Tristan Jepson Memorial Foundation (TJMF). Leadership…

R U OK to start a conversation with a colleague about depression?

Law firms can keep the R U OK? conversation to support mental health support  going throughout the year.