Finding a place in the law

It’s important that we create inclusive spaces for people with disabilities, including mental health problems, to encourage equal participation in our profession.

Law firms do better in safeguarding employees’ mental health

A national survey of professional workers across Australia has cast light on how employees in different industries feel their mental health needs are being addressed.

Pandemic mental health toll on lawyers revealed

Lawyers reported declining rates of mental wellbeing and have struggled to focus amid extended lockdowns.

The problem with perfection

LSJ explores the dark side of a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Transitioning back to the office: Rights and responsibilities

Tips for employers and employees alike in negotiating the transition back to the office.

What’s new with section 32? Mental health, cognitive impairment and criminal law

An overview of the forthcoming changes to mental health and criminal law legislation.

Can ‘Trust Tech’ help firms eradicate sexual harassment?

Innovations that enable employees to anonymously report workplace sexual harassment have been lauded as potential game-changers.

Country lawyers celebrated at Rural Issues Day

Country solicitors are helping to decrease the stigma around mental illness by supporting their clients during “an extraordinarily tough time”, this year’s Rural Issues Day…

Lunch with Geoff Gallop

Geoff Gallop was a year into his second term as Premier of Western Australia in 2005 when he resigned to focus on tackling depression. Taking…

The long haul

It is becoming increasingly clear that the pandemic we all hoped would be done and dusted by now is still in it’s early stages. So…