Running for his life

Frank Dearn is a former lawyer with remarkable endurance and has become the third-oldest Australian to complete a marathon.

Spin your wheels for great legs

A new type of spinning class peddles the serenity and views of outdoor cycling in an indoor space in Sydney’s CBD.

Get shredded before shredding

Backcountry skiing can be one of the most efficient and scenic ways to keep fit in winter.

How to train for your first ultramarathon

People already think you’re crazy for running marathons and now you tell them you want to run an ultra? You’ll need this training guide.

Fitness and career skills? It’s possible

Train with a team for benefits that go beyond the playing field.

Beery good news

Beer could be the new Gatorade, and jelly babies the new post-workout meal.

BQ the forgotten intelligence?

Body intelligence, known as BQ, is the latest buzzword when it comes to health. It’s time to listen to your body’s cues and boost your…

Taking on the heat

Solicitors Stefan Briggs and David King visited Morocco on April 2018 to run a 250km ultramarathon to raise money for Giant Steps, a school for…

Slow and steady

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has long been popular, but there are merits to taking it slow via low-intensity steady-state (LISS) cardio.

More bang for your (billable units) buck

It’s the workout method that keeps Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman in shape. F45 offers a variety of super-efficient, 45-minute classes that are perfect for time-poor…