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Backcountry skiing can be one of the most efficient and scenic ways to keep fit in winter.

Winter might be the most difficult time of year to keep fit. We all know how falling temperatures and shorter days tend to have an inverse relationship with motivation: as the mercury drops, the temptation to replace your morning run with an extra hour under the doona rises.

But it’s also the one time of year where you can capitalise on the health benefits of exciting winter sports. Skiing – popular among the 300-plus lawyers that head to Thredbo for Lawski each year – is not only great fun but can build leg strength and torch calories. In fact, BUPA healthcare estimates on its website that downhill skiing can burn up to 400 calories per hour.

Most skiers in Australia tend to buy their $120-plus day ticket and catch chairlifts up the slopes the old-fashioned way, but did you know there’s a more cost and fitness-effective way to find fresh lines?

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