A lawyer’s duty of confidence and the advancement of justice

Justice Kyrou explains the importance of justice and a lawyer’s duty of confidence in light of the Lawyer X scandal.

What tone should I be using in professional emails?

What tone should you be using in professional emails?

No laughing matter

Almost every barrister and litigator in court has chuckled at a wry remark from a judge. But how appropriate is banter from the bench in…

Follow the rules

As lawyers, we are not only expected to know the law, but to follow it too. This includes the employment law and applicable minimums specified…

Misrepresentation and ethics in mediation

Mediation involves the fundamental proposition that a lawyer must never make a representation to an opponent or mediator that is known to be untrue. By…

Assessing a client’s mental capacity is in your interests

NSW Parliament has suggested that renewed attention be given to assessing mental capacity. By DARRYL BROWNE.

Insolvency & incorporated law firms: lessons from Slater & Gordon’s troubles

Rights of clients are upheld by lawyers as part of their legal and ethical obligations. The incorporation of the law firm does not displace this…

Ethical dilemmas and issues: September 2015

The Ethics Committee and Department of the Law Society provides guidance on ethical issues to all practitioners.

Professional conduct: when honesty is the best policy

Misappropriation of clients’ funds, even if intended to be temporary, constitutes professional misconduct. By BRENDA TRONSON.

New ethical trends and issues in a uniform legal market

The Legal Profession Uniform Law commenced on 1 July 2015. The new laws usher in a new regulatory framework for solicitors and open up a larger national…