Succession planning: why communication between lawyers & accountants is crucial

Succession law and planning is complex. With state and Federal revenue laws often in conflict, lawyers and accountants need to work together.  By JIM MAIN.

What’s in a name?

Is it time for stricter guidelines on how solicitors describe themselves?

How (and why) to fire a difficult client

No business likes to turn down a paying customer. But for law firms, firing bad clients isn’t just important, it’s essential.

Why you should say ‘no’ to your clients

Sometimes pushing back is in the client’s best interest.

How can I build my profile in the legal profession?

Follow these tips to build your profile and client base in the legal industry.

Clarifying your (evolving) retainer

The retainer agreement is the best evidence of the parties’ intention and the client’s instructions at the time the scope of the work was agreed…

The one skill good lawyers need

Want to build a busy law practice by doing nothing? Listen up.

The cost of not communicating

A solicitor’s responsibility has always been to provide clear and timely advice to assist the client in understanding the legal issues so as to make…

Client lunch comes back to bite

Keep client lunches focused on building relationships not taking instructions or providing advice. By MELISSA FENTON and CRAIG HOLLAND.

The risks of mixing legal and financial advice

Solicitors must be conscious of the difference between financial and legal advice and know when to advise a client of the need to obtain independent…