Alcohol and fitness: it’s not love, actually

You’d be forgiven for wanting to toast the end of 2020 with an alcoholic beverage (or three). What impact can those celebratory drinks have on…

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All the feels

You might feel compelled to keep big emotions in check at work, but they can often bubble up to the surface. Here are some strategies…

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Strong at the core

Want a six-pack for summer? Stop wasting time with sit-ups. Build strength, improve your posture, and reduce those niggling injuries with these exercises.

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Give your training a power lift

Programs like CrossFit and F45 have made the dynamic training moves of powerlifting more mainstream in recent years. We explain why incorporating some of these…

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From a distance

Online volunteering is on the rise and the mental health benefits are many. Here’s how you can make a difference while maintaining your distance.

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Fitness supplements – which ones are worth your money?

We decode the confusing world of supplements.

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Shake off the winter blues with green exercise

Tired of the same at-home isolation workouts? Now is the time to get fit in the great outdoors.

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ZOOM fatigue: Why video calls sap your energy

At first, video calls seemed like an ideal solution to the isolation of remote working. But it turns out they’re often more exhausting than face-to-face…

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Get SMART about fat loss

Gained a few “COVID kilos” during lockdown? Personal trainer ZARA MICHALES has guidance to help you get back on track.

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Nothing going on

Introducing ‘niksen’, the Dutch philosophy of doing nothing set to change the way you relax and recharge.

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