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Rest and recovery equals resilience. It’s a simple equation that many lawyers miscalculate throughout the working year.

By this time of year, most lawyers have survived the peak of their firm’s busy season and are on the downhill stretch to Christmas. Are you exhausted? Probably.

A global survey by researchers from Durham University found that two-thirds of people feel like they need more rest all the time. The study, called The Rest Test, surveyed 18,000 people from 134 countries from September 2015.

Young people and those who had a high household income reported getting the least rest. The high-income earners said they could squeeze just one to three hours rest into their average day, which was less than half the optimum amount suggested by other respondents.

The Director of Psychological Services at Sydney’s Centre for Corporate Health,  Rachel Clements, says it’s not surprising that lawyers are among those who don’t get enough rest.

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