Lawyer wellbeing under the spotlight

Concerns about serious mental health issues within the legal profession prompted the American Bar Association to look for practical ways to address the problem.

Multi-tasking: help or hindrance?

Is juggling a number of tasks, as we so often do, all that bad?

Take time to recalibrate

Learning to take a few minutes to reset your emotional state can help you keep calm at work and at home.

Don’t be derailed by disruption

Even the briefest break in concentration can have a long-lasting impact on your productivity and mental health.

Mindfulness: venturing beyond the buzz word

What you do with the few seconds between an event and your response to it can be the difference between a bad reaction and a…

The value of volunteering

Giving your time to other people or causes can help make the world a better place – it could also improve your life.

Why you should prioritise rest this holiday season

Rest and recovery equals resilience. It’s a simple equation that many lawyers miscalculate throughout the working year.