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With 2020 firmly in the rear vision mirror, we share top five tips for staying committed to your health and fitness goals this year.

If you made a new year’s resolution for 2021, you’re not alone. Research by has found as many as 50 per cent of adults resolve to prioritise their health or fitness each year, but less than 10 per cent actually stay committed for more than a few months.

The problem is, most people are making resolutions that are out of reach, unachievable or immeasurable. This can contribute to a sense of disappointment and negative thinking – leaving us worse off than when we started. By making sure your resolutions are sustainable and achievable, you will see healthier, longer-lasting changes. 

1. Create a plan that fits in your routine

One reason why resolutions don’t last is that they are not made to fit with your daily life. For example, if you are a night owl who works late in the evenings, it is going to require extraordinary effort to start getting up at 5am every day to hit the gym. Likewise, if you get home late, it might be tricky to start preparing healthy meals after work every night from scratch.

Instead of completely overhauling your current daily routine, find ways to incorporate exercise or healthy eating into your day-to-day activities and lifestyle. It could just be swapping half an hour of TV to taking your dog for a walk in the evening or preparing food the night before, or on weekends, so you don’t go off track with your diet during the work week.

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