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For new Law Society of NSW president John Eades, 2015 will be about ethics, service and learning. He speaks to CLAIRE CHAFFEY

When John Eades was a boy, he had three ambitions. The first was to be the man who rode the elephant in Taronga Zoo’s famous Elephant Walk. The second was to be a train driver. The third, by about the age of 13, was to become a lawyer.

And that, he laughs, is why you should be careful what you wish for.

Mr Eades is the 2015 president of the Law Society of NSW and follows in the footsteps of fellow country-born lawyer Ros Everett. After completing his education and articles in Sydney, Mr Eades went to the country and has been practising there ever since. He has long been a partner at Griffith firm Noyce, Salmon & D’Aquino, specialising in family law, child law, civil and criminal litigation, powers of attorney and guardianship, estate planning, wills and probate.

This year, however, his practice is on hold as he focuses solely on his new role, which he sees as a position of privilege and service.

“I have had several years in the profession and it is appropriate that whatever skills I have should be used to give back to the profession, which has been very generous to me – not so much in terms of income, but the privilege of serving,” he says.

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