It’s on: stacking up the cases for ‘yes’ and ‘no’

October 14: G+T’s constitutional lawyers have spent the past few weeks carefully reviewing the official “yes” and “no” cases.

Law Society Council publishes support for the Voice

The Council of the Law Society of NSW has resolved unanimously to support an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice in the Australian Constitution.

The Voice is necessary if we want to close the gap

Closing the Gap Co-chairs June Oscar and Karl Briscoe explain the link between the Voice and the Closing the Gap outcomes.

LSJ Explains: Referendums and the process of changing the Constitution

Paul Kildea, Associate Professor at UNSW Law and Justice, outlines the history and the mechanics of referendums, and how the referendum on the Voice could…

LSJ explains: The Voice referendum

In the lead up to the referendum, LSJ shares the perspectives of community members, campaigns and researchers on the core themes surrounding the inclusion of…

Through my eyes: Community perspectives on the Voice

People from diverse communities explain how their cultural background has shaped their views on the Voice.

A precious gift: The importance of constitutional recognition

Mark Leibler answers LSJ’s questions about his views on constitutional recognition. Leibler co-chaired both the Expert Panel on Constitutional Recognition of Indigenous Australians and the…

The Voice: A constitutional and administrative law perspective

As Australia prepares to vote on the Voice, University of Sydney Law School experts examine constitutional and administrative law issues raised in relation to the…