Retainers and the extent of a solicitor’s duty of care

Recent ACT Civil & Administrative Tribunal decision considers the extent of a solicitor’s duty of care when providing advice in conveyancing transactions.

Navigating the legal consequences of ransom payments in the face of ransomware attacks

An increase in ransomware attacks has forced law practices to consider whether to pay the ransom however there may be criminal law implications.

A legal minefield: ‘Difficult’ client instructions

It is good practice to document any advice given to a client. Where a client’s instructions seem unreasonable, there are ways to navigate the situation.

Climate risks: Do lawyers owe a duty of care?

Lawyers owe clients a duty of care to advise on a range of risks and this duty may extend to climate risks.

Solicitors’ duties to remind clients

Recent Court of Appeal decision has confirmed that a solicitor is not obliged to repeat advice previously given to a client.

Navigating historic institutional abuse claims in an evolving legal environment

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has brought about significant legal reform that lawyers should be aware of.

Foreign surcharges update: Exemptions for New Zealand, Finland, Germany and South Africa

Effective immediately, citizens of New Zealand and certain countries are no longer liable for surcharge purchaser duty and surcharge land tax in NSW.

Traps for junior lawyers: Acting for friends and family can be risky business

Although it might be tempting to act for family and friends, there are various risks and pitfalls from a professional negligence and insurance perspective.

Solicitors’ duties: Avoiding conflicts of interest

Although it may be tempting to act for both sides of a transaction, conflict of interest may arise and the consequences may include disciplinary action.

Managing risk and implied undertakings

Recent decision examines obligations under Harman undertakings. Solicitors should ensure that clients understand their obligations or risk contempt of court.