Uniform Law transitional exemption – government & corporate lawyers

The Legal Profession Uniform Law does not contain an exemption equivalent to that provided under the repealed Legal Profession Act 2004. By GLENDA CARRY.

Practising under the uniform law: your questions answered – December 2015

Incorporated legal practices and supervision of newly admitted lawyers. By GLENDA CARRY.

Trusts and transitional provisions under the new legal profession uniform law

The Legal Profession Uniform Law and Rules commenced in New South Wales and Victoria on 1 July 2015. By CHELLY MILLIKEN.

New ethical trends and issues in a uniform legal market

The Legal Profession Uniform Law commenced on 1 July 2015. The new laws usher in a new regulatory framework for solicitors and open up a larger national…

An update on the Uniform Rules: proposed changes to CPD obligations

The Legal Profession Uniform Law is expected to commence operation in NSW and Victoria on 1 July 2015 and will replace the Legal Profession Act…

The new Legal Profession Uniform Law: what it will mean for NSW practitioners

The Legal Profession Uniform Law will regulate the legal profession in both NSW and Victoria, encompassing almost three quarters of Australia’s lawyers. By CHELLY MILLIKEN