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The Legal Profession Uniform Law is expected to commence operation in NSW and Victoria on 1 July 2015. The Uniform Law will replace the Legal Profession Act 2004 in each of those jurisdictions, as well as Regulations and Rules made under those Acts. This article provides an update on the progress of making the Uniform Rules.

Developing the Rules

As mentioned in the March edition of the LSJ, the Uniform Law will be supported by various sets of Uniform Rules, which can be divided into three categories:

(1) Professional Rules (Conduct, Practice and Continuing Professional Development Rules) – for solicitors, these are developed by the Law Council of Australia, and for barristers, by the Australian Bar Association;

(2) Admissions Rules – these are developed by the Admissions Committee of the Legal Services Council; and

(3) General Uniform Rules – these are developed by the Legal Services Council.

Draft Professional Rules, Admission Rules and General Uniform Rules were released for public consultation in late November 2014. The closing date for submissions was 16 January 2015 for the General Uniform Rules and Professional Rules, and 30 January 2015 for the Admission Rules.

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