Building diversity in the legal profession

More law firms are making diversity and inclusion a priority, but success requires establishing a business case, a considered approach, and strong leadership. 

The four stages of gender inequality awareness

Dr Kirstin Ferguson spent her early career in blissful ignorance of gender inequality in the workplace. Eventually, the evidence became undeniable.

The burden of unconscious bias

The diversity of Australian law firms doesn’t reflect that of our society. We need to improve diversity at all levels – not just in terms…

Building a more inclusive legal system

The Opening of Law Term Dinner held at Parliament House on 1 February 2017, highlighted how it is the responsibility of all lawyers to ensure…

When will we see cultural diversity in our profession?

Australia needs enlightened leaders with the courage to challenge the cultural inequality in the legal profession and to implement measures to redress it.

View from the top

Managing some of the country’s largest law firms comes with many challenges and requires leaders at the top of their game.