Posthumous publication of literary works can be a form of farewell to someone admired, a closure.

I Shot the Devil

I Shot the Devil has all the makings of a classic hard-boiled crime novel, but with a dark sinister twist.

How to End a Story: Diaries 1995-1998

Ending a story hurts; but the fear and madness resulting from being gaslighted into it can be a lot worse.

The Kitchen Front

A heartfelt work of fiction, The Kitchen Front transports you to the English countryside amid the harrowing backdrop of World War II.

Well Hello

Fans of the hit podcast Chat 10 Looks 3 by powerhouse duo Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb will delight in their first co-authored book, which…

The Magician

This imaginative work of fiction sweeps across decades, timestamped to alert to a new date and place in German writer Thomas Mann’s career and his…

After Story

Who is the most reliable teller of your story and history? Is it you, those who’ve loved and protected you, or those who’ve had to…


Whilst those emerging from 100-plus days of lockdown in Greater Sydney might be tempted to toss about the phrase “winter of discontent”, this gritty series…

I Alone Can Fix it

Set to be released in Australia just days before the anniversary of the 2020 US election, this is best enjoyed as a companion read with…

Beautiful World, Where Are You

In a world of climate destruction, rising inequality and a pervading millennial malaise, why, two young women ponder, do humans remain “so stupid about each-other?”