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Caitlin Moran is a prolific British author, journalist, and commentator whose work has left an indelible mark on contemporary feminism and popular culture. With her distinctive voice and sharp wit, Moran has become a leading figure in discussing gender equality, social issues, and modern womanhood. 

One of Moran’s most famous works is How to Be a Woman, a memoir and feminist manifesto rolled into one. In this book, she intertwines personal anecdotes with astute cultural analysis to tackle a wide range of topics, from puberty and body image to motherhood and the complexities of feminism. Moran’s irreverent humour and unapologetic candour make the book both engaging and accessible, inviting readers to reflect on their own experiences and beliefs. In her latest, What About Men, she tackles the male perspective. In it, she gives a refreshing and insightful approach to the men around her and how they approach their bodies, the capacity of being ‘men’, sexuality and its expectations.  

As an established comedian and writer exploring all topics you can potentially think of, Moran’s tongue-in-cheek approach to the subject matter allows for refreshing insight. Her writing is, after all, characterised by its unabashed honesty. She uniquely tackles taboo subjects with grace and humour, making it easier for readers to broach uncomfortable conversations about issues like abortion, sexism, and sexual freedom. Her writing is liberating and empowering, encouraging women to embrace their authentic selves and reject societal pressures. 

In addition to her books, Moran’s columns and essays, often featured in publications like The Times and The Guardian, showcase her incisive social commentary. Her ability to distil complex ideas into relatable, witty prose has earned her a devoted following. Moran isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and call out injustices, all while celebrating the quirks and joys of everyday life. 

However, some critics argue that Moran’s perspective can be limited, given her white, middle-class background, which may not fully encompass the experiences of all women. Others contend that her refreshing humour may not resonate with everyone. 

Moran is a dynamic and influential writer whose work has made significant contributions to the feminist movement and public discourse on gender and society. Her books and columns have empowered countless individuals to question and challenge the norms that constrain them, making her a vital voice in the ongoing quest for gender equality and social justice. Whether you agree with her viewpoints or not, there’s no denying Moran’s impact on contemporary feminist literature and her ability to provoke meaningful conversations about the world we live in. She proves this again in her latest work.