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Author: Michael Connelly
Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Resurrection Walk is the latest legal thriller – number seven – in the series featuring lawyer/investigator duo Mickey Haller and Hieronymous (“Harry”) Bosch. Haller is the Lincoln Lawyer (there’s a Netflix series spinoff of the same name), who operates his practice as a defence attorney from his car. And Bosch, his half-brother, is a retired Los Angeles Police Department homicide detective who works for him. Bosch is also the main protagonist in two drama series on streaming services, Bosch and Bosch: Legacy.

In this LA-based novel, Bosch assists Haller in his efforts to exonerate a defendant jailed for the murder of her sheriff’s deputy husband. She’s been a prisoner for some time, but Haller believes she could be innocent, and there are urgent reasons to have her released.

Resurrection Walk has big issues and high stakes. There are many who don’t want the case re-opened, including the FBI. This novel also features a phenomenon that became evident in Los Angeles a couple of years ago: the recruitment of LA County sheriffs into secretive, sometimes gang-like cliques. And Bosch is undergoing a cancer treatment trial; what will the outcome be?

Though this is the seventh novel in the series, it’s easy enough to pick up on the history of the cast of characters in Haller’s and Bosch’s worlds. Haller’s ex-wife makes an appearance at a key point, providing a disturbing stumbling block to the progress of the case.

I have always found the narrative style of this series a bit jarring: a mix of third-person subjective narrator when the action focuses on Bosch, and first-person subjective narrator for Haller. Begs the question: who’s the main protagonist?

But this doesn’t detract greatly from the overall impact of the narrative. The book is a police/legal procedural after all, and the legal dilemmas raised make for an intriguing read. Even the use of AI in the law has a role in the plot. The dialogue is lively, and Connelly’s history as a crime reporter and shortlisted Pulitzer-Prize journalist are clearly evident.

A perfect read for the holiday break.